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Best Sites To Get Free Traffic And Sales For Your Site

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Since everyone needs traffic to their websites, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are among the top 20 most visited sites in the world. There are so many other sites that you can get traffic to your site from that most marketers haven’t even considered. Below are 5 examples of high traffic sites that you can take advantage of and drive tons of free traffic back to your site.

1. Forbes


Forbes is a magazine covering all business-related topics. And while you may be invited to participate, you can also drive traffic back to your site using a much simpler method: comments. In the past, commenting on blogs was extremely popular. Eventually, people realized that this does not always work. The main reason for this is because they were commenting on blogs that initially had almost no traffic.


  • Any post on the Forbes homepage will receive tens of thousands of views. Even if a small fraction of these people read your comment, that’s at least a few hundred eyes. From here, a great comment can convert 25 to 50% of readers into traffic to your site.
  • It’s easy, free and an authentic source to get traffic to your site.


  • The hardest part is leaving a comment that will impress people and drive traffic back to your site.
  • If your content is not impressive it’s not really worth using Forbes.

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2. BuzzFeed


You’ve undoubtedly heard of BuzzFeed, but have you ever considered it as a traffic source? If you have younger people in a social niche (like entertainment, home decor, food, etc.), this can be a great source. BuzzFeed not only has a lot of traffic, but it also allows you to add your own content to it.


  • If your post gets some early support, BuzzFeed will really help you by promoting it on their site.
  • You can create a great guide to getting on the first page of BuzzFeed.
  • You can link to your site in the BuzzFeed blog.


  • It’s not easy to create the post you want, but if you do, you will get tens of thousands of views for your post.
  • Approval of content is challenging.
  • Buzzfeed is a niche specific site.

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3. Etsy


Etsy is another innovator that will eventually be saturated with marketers. But that’s not all. If you sell any high-quality jewelry, crafts, home decor items, or clothing, this is a great ecommerce marketplace.


  • Etsy is a great platform where you can sell your product to a potential buyer without competing with other companies like on Amazon.
  • If your products are good and popular you can get traffic and sales from Etsy.


  • You won’t get an audience if your product is too different.
  • You can certainly use conversion rate optimization and copywriting tactics to sell more, but marketing is hard when there is a lot of competition.
  • There are no tricks or shortcuts to increase your audience on Etsy.

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4. Business Insider


Business Insider is another Forbes-like site with a slightly different topic: despite having a slightly higher Alexa rank, it still has insane traffic volume. As an added bonus, you can add your website URL to your username when you leave comments.


  • Business Insider provides you with a great platform to build quality backlinks for your sites.
  • It helps you generate organic traffic and sales for your site.


  • You may face trouble while building comments and ranking your post.
  • Business insider won’t be helpful if your niche is different from Business Insider’s topics.

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5. Quora


Quora is the 141st most popular website in the United States. This is a Q&A site that most people use. It’s the same idea as Yahoo Answers, but the quality is much better. The site is constantly gaining popularity, and many (but not all) marketers have realized its potential. The simple strategy is to leave really great answers to community-posted questions. Great answers will get the upper voices and will be seen by most people.


  • You can get millions of views on your answers over time if you stick with it.
  • If your answer is valuable you can make anchor links out of some of your text and get tons of traffic directly to your site.
  • Detailed and to-the-point answers will always appear on the top.


  • Not everyone who reads your answer will end up visiting your site
  • Spamming is not allowed on Quora. As a result, sometimes Quora’s algorithm might think your answer is spam content even if it isn’t and block or remove your content entirely.


Search engines and social media giants are fantastic traffic sources for almost all businesses. If you are patient and persist in the challenging moments at the beginning while you determine the best marketing strategy for these new sites, you will find that you can get a lot more traffic with less effort (and cost).

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